Posted May 24 , 2019


What are the advantages of aerial application?

-Safety: One of the safer application methods
-Efficiency: Aerial spraying is effective for pest management as it takes less time
-Fuel Usage: Uses less fuel than ground application which reduces air pollution
-Soil Erosion: Reduces soil erosion up to 90 percent and eliminates soil compaction
-Natural resource protection

Why do we need crop protection products to grow food and other crops?

-Increase of crop yield: This increases production on existing farmland, keeping existing wildlife land.
-Helps achieve maximum growth: Plants need to be guarded from pests and diseases as well as appropriate nutrition to achieve maximum growth 
-Profitable: Helps with crop production in hard-to-grow areas and lengthens the growing season as well as product shelf life
-Preserves product quality: The US has tripled food production due to the use of crop protection

How safe are crop protection products?

There are strict standards for crop protection products. One in 20,000 chemicals pass the 8 to 10 year process involving development, testing, and registration by the EPA

“Nearly 900 scientists and program officials from the EPA make sure that products are properly registered to comply with federal law. Once on the market, they are monitored by the EPA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and state pesticide enforcement agencies. This stringent regulatory system ensures the safety of our food, the safety of the products to the environment, to water and to the farm workers that mix, load and apply the products."

It is proven that more fresh fruits and vegetables as a part of one’s diet is tied to a reduced risk of chronic disease, such as multiple types of cancer.

The increased safety of food supply lowers natural toxin levels and reduces contamination potential of fresh produce from food borne human pathogens.