Chemical Programs

Jim’s Agri-Air offers may chemical programs to help increase your yield.

2018 BASF Grower Smart Rewards

FINANCE OFFER: All BASF Branded Products. FIXED 0% A.P.R. - NO INTEREST/NO PAYMENTS until December 2018 on purchases made on or before March 31, 2018. FIXED 0% A.P.R. - NO INTEREST/NO PAYMENTS for up to 180 days on purchases made after March 31, 2018.

Growers much purchase 3 or more brands totaling over $15,000 (minimum $500 each). Additional products purchased are not subject to the $500 minimum purchase amounnt. Growers may also finance fungicide application cost, up to $15/A for aerial, up to $7.50/A for ground, and up to $15/A for chemigation.

FUNGICIDE OFFER: Headline AMP fungicide Priaxor fungicide. Purchases earn $75/gal.

No enrollment necessary. Earnings will be calculated using retailer reported grower sales. Minimum purchase of 40 acres of Headline AMP or Priaxor are required to receive payment. If both Headline AMP and Priaxor are purchased, each brand must meet the 40 acre minimum purcahse requirement. Payment will be made to the grower by November 30, 2018.

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John Deere Financial Calculator

Zidua Pro Herbicide Resistance Management

Nirvana RTU

Nirvana RTU is a patented insecticide formlation that is specially designed to mix with liquid fertilizers. Nirvana RTU brings the two molecules (fertilizer and pesticide) and holds them together in a chemical bond.

UNIFORM - Uniformly disperses the fertilizer and pesticide in the soil profile resulting in more consistent control

POWERFUL - Reduced gentic trait resistance development by having a second mode of action against feeding pests. Controls wireworms, grubs, maggots, and other seeding pests.

COMPATIBLE - Mast compatible formulation for mixing with starter fertilizers. Simple, standard use rate when mixing fertilizer.

USE RATES - 3.4-6.8 ounces: Wireworm, grubs, seed corn maggot, stalk borer, root aphid, army cutworm, cutworm species, true armyworm, armyworm species, 8.5 ounces: corn rootworm larvae.

The 10-34-0 and products were mixed together on January 5th.