Jim’s Agri-Air maintains a modern fleet of aircraft consisting of one Air Tractor 402 and one Air Tractor 602.
These aircraft provide us the opportunity to insure accurate application in a timely manner when it’s most important.


High Production Efficiency.

The AT-602 is designed for operators needing more than 500 gallons, but less than the 800-gallon AT-802. It takes just one load to spray a 125-acre circle at 5 gallons per acre. Ferry times are shortened by its powerful PT6A-60AG engine. The AT-602 is the perfect match of hopper capacity to engine performance.


Move Up To A Turboprop.

The AT-402B is Air Tractor's entry-level turbine ag plane, ideal for first-time turbine owners. With its legendary PT-6 turbine engine, the 402B offers the power and superb handling characteristics that make it a joy to fly and the productivity that makes profits for the grower.